A Picture Made – The Regency Showcase Aug. 15-16

First Off, if you weren’t there, well then you missed the bus, you struck out, took took a wrong turn and, in other words, you screwed up. And why weren’t you there, may I ask? (ed. note: we had to hear it from Nashville. On the day of the show and if local club owners don’t let ya know, what’s a mother to do?) I mean how many things are there to do in Springfield? I drove all the way from St. Louis to see these shows, and I KNOW there was nothing better to do for miles around. As a matter of fact, in my opion, there’s nothing better to do ANYWHERE than see A PICTURE MADE live. Overenthusiastic? Perhaps. Sincere? You betcha! Shall I go on to the review? Ok.

A PICTURE MADE are Eric Harris-guitar, bolos and boyish share; Brian Jones-bass, overcoats and general suavity; Bryan Plumlee-vocals, fringe the occasional jig; and Steve Rutter-drums, p.j.’s and fashion statements.

Even though Friday’s show was plagued by technical problems, these guys, as usual, played their hearts out to the small, but extremely enthusiastic crowd. They rocked, we relled, we drank, we danced, they conquered.

On Saturday, opening for Nashville’s Walk The West, A PICTURE MADE were, dare I say sublime. If you can’t take unbashed emotion, honesty, and way high intensity levels, then A PICTURE MADE isn’t for you. But if that description is appealing then you owe it to yourself to see and hear this band. The songs are incredible: “Red Wheelbarrow” starts my heart a-pounding, “A New Day” is simply gorgeous, “Easter is a Train: brings the tears dangerously close, and “Autumn Sunset, Fire” leaves me stunned every time. I could go on, naming every single song and what I love about it, but space prohibits. Let me just say that Saturday’s show was the second best show I’ve ever seen. The best? A PICTURE MADE at Parody Hall in Kansas City.