Intensity is the operative. The kind of intensity that forms goose bumps on your arms and keeps your eyes riveted to the stage, all conversation ceasing, your breath held until you realize your holding it. Intense music, intense singing, intense presence. This is all A Picture Made.

A Picture Made comes from a small town in south eastern Kansas called Pittsburg and includes Eric Harris, guitar; Brian James, bass; Bryan Plumlee, vocals; and Siere Ritter, drums. They have been edging their way out of town, playing gigs in the surrounding areas whenever possible at places like the Drum Stick in Lincoln, NE and The Blue Hole in Columbus, MO.

A Picture Made is not just the thinking person’s band but, and perhaps more importantly, the feeling person’s band. The lyrics, written by Plumlee (who also writes the majority of the music), are often seemingly personal and emotional. His pain, frustration, anger and happiness are easily transferred to the

listener. The music is as expressive as Plumlee’s emotional vocals-Harris, James, and Ritter feel every note and beat they play. “When we first started, our idea was not to be too emotional,” Plumlee says. “Our idea was to go out and play a part. e didn’t know what it was all about until we got the songs that were really neat and said something and we felt it, really. Then we could just go out there and be emotional for a reason, not just to be emotional. We’re trying to go out there.. we don’t want to plan anything besides the song list, something to by. We don’t want to go out and write everything down and figure everything out. Because we’d just rather have it come from here.”

A Picture Made has released a single, “God Loves A Hell of a Man,” a live-song which the band plans on putting out themselves, has been recorded and is currently in production. It promises to be a testament to their incredible live performance. “The thing we want to accomplish with music is just to try to be good and to sustain ourselves doing it,” says Plumlee. “Because we love it so much, we just love to do it and there wouldn’t be anything in the world we’d rather do.”

Watch out for A Picture Made in your town. It’s essential to your rock and roll health and piece of mind to see and hear this band. Remember, A Picture Made is worth a thousand words.