A Picture Made… Past (Mammoth)

Past (Mammoth) It must be hard to be a new band in the South these days. If you favor dreamy, melodic verbal Images end melt them onto tight hypnotic guitar rifts and Mitch Easter produces your debut EP you probably worry that someone’s gonna compare you to That Other Band. A Picture Made have nothing to worry about. Bryan Plumlee’s part yelped/part yodeled vocals suck you straight to the vortex of whirring In’ “Easter On A Train”. The mood Is relaxed, the delivery deliberate. “Little Boy Wisdom” takes things Into high gear -the yodeling works. Past ‘dips in unexpected rhythms, and “The Red Wheelbarrow” is stunning. A Picture Made takes you on a pleasant journey and gives you plenty of photo opportunities. (Mammoth Records, 5 W. Hargett St, Suite 1012, Raleigh, NC 27601).