The great thing about singles is how much emotion can be packed into one. Strong resemblance to Change of Heart, but with less murk and more hook-beginning with a hypnotic guitar riff that sounds new even though you’ve heard it a thousand times before. Why aren’t more people writing pop songs about God?

NERVE – Toronto
October 1986

Don’t miss this one. A single yet moving song. The vocal delivery is outstanding; sing with enthusiasm and emotion. A driving and steady backbeat serves to keep the music tight and simple enough to allow the vocals to move into the forefront. If you can’t get your hands on it, don’t pass it up; truly a superior record.

BUZZ – New York
October, 1986

Gotta say thumbs up on this one–something about this really gets me, and I can’t put a finger on it, but I love it. They’re getting a big helpful push from Jet Lag fanzine–with good reason. I only wish the flipside had a different song on it, I want to hear more!

November, 1986

Even though the same song is on both sides, it’s a lovely piece of jangle-drone pop. Shades of TV’s “Glory,” the Byrd’s “Dells of Rhymmney;” touches of R.E.M., Windbreakers and Winter Hours, too. Midtempo, gently insistent, chiming its way into your synapses with astonishing ease, leaving you hungering for more.
-Fred Mills

The BOB – New York
Sept-Oct, 1986

Working in the fields beneath the Pyramids and thinking of someone who lives somewhere else. Hot sun. Maybe hard work is good for you. Egyptian sounding bang beat pickin chimes acoustic guitar solo pleasant monotone rutted walk vocal timbre familiar similar to are we them constricted throat style singing soar humility words are words are words Gertrude Stein would be proud.

PARKER’S BARK Vol. 005 – Portland, OR

So what if these guys are an R.E.M. clone band? This is a great song.

The song is built around a simple guitar riff, repeated throughout the entire song, coupled with a straight-forward drum beat. What maxes the song so great is the way the band throws in little chiming guitar parts – maxing out the song lift. Very nice harmonies to go with the Slipe-ish lead vocals, too.

A wonderful song; just about perfect.

JET LAG – St. Louis
July 1986