THE REPLACEMENTS with A Picture Made

Riding high out of Pittsburgh -no, not Pennsylvania, but Kansas-come the newest Black Park record company discovery, A Picture Made. As opening act for -tile Replacements, this band proved that Its tough, hard-edged pop rock, combined with lead singer Brian Plumblee’s mournful wall, was the perfect catalyst for the headline act. If it had, been been much better, A Picture Made would have overshadowed that headline act.
Plumblee reminds me of U2’s Bono, circa the ’83 War tour. What he does with a microphone stand is unreal-the last time I saw the band, lie poured out so much emotion that he bent the stand in half.’Though it didn’t occur this set, lie still lurched and gyrated, using the stand as a focal point until leis movements built Into such a frenzy he had to let it go. His energy pushed the band to the limits, snaking it play with the fury of a cornered animal band, in turn, fired up the frontman’s every move. Guitarist Eric Harris and bassist Brian Jones heated up the sound with spine inspired work. Still, in my opinion, It-was drummer Steve Ritter’s superb, relentless back. beat that propelled this outfit. These are talented musicians who play very well as a unit.

Emotion was a key element, whether on originals, such as Marry-Me, or on covers, such as Peter, Paul-and Mary’s If I Had M Way (Samson And Delilah) (Tone in such a frenzied fashion that the trio would not have recognized It).

A Picture Made’s sound is hard rocking pop that cuts like a hot knife through butter. With a Mitch Easter-produced LP in tine can, these guys are one of the hottest new bands around.