After dropping the needle on A Picture Made’s six-song debut Past (Mammoth, 5 W. Hargett St., Suite 1012, Raleigh, NC 27601/919-834-5977) and hearing the first track “Little Boy Wisdom,” we were set up to anticipate yet another pleasantsounding jangle pop band that’d been pressed out of the Athensmeets-Winston-Salem mill (as If the fact that Mitch Easter produced this at his Drive-in Studio wasn’t enough of a signpost). But A Picture Made proves to be more than just strum ‘n’ jangle popsters-they’ve got a drummer who solidly attacks his kit and a vocalist who prefers (and can handle) a more bailey and passionate approach over softer, dramatic atmospherics. The feel of “Throw Some Light” and “The Red Wheelbarrow” (Inspired by a William Carlos Williams poem of the same name) are probably the best examples of what the band Is like live. Catchy stuff that’s gotta sound good on the radio.